Our Hearts Need God

Can we change our own hearts? 

Are we capable of doing the inner work of heart transformation necessary to follow God, adore Jesus, and listen to the Spirit? The answer is no. 

We find a very strange statement in the book of Deuteronomy after God had given the people of Israel all the laws they would need to observe to stay in fellowship with him. 

“But to this day the Lord has not given you a heart to understand or eyes to see or ears to hear” (29:4). 

Israel could not understand the things of God, nor could they truly listen to his commands in such a way that they would obey them. Why? Because their hearts were not right. 

After this verse, God tells them that, in the near future, they are going to break his covenant and fall under his wrath. And sure enough, as we read the rest of the Bible, we realize this is exactly what happens. 

So what hope did they have? What hope do we have? If we can’t follow God’s commands and stay in right relationship with him, what are they, and we, to do? 

We need new hearts. 

Thankfully, in the next chapter of Deuteronomy God makes a promise to fix our hearts. This is our text for today. 

God says that he will circumcise our hearts, so that we will love him. God himself must and will perform an inner surgery on us. He will change our hearts. 

This is what Jesus does for us through the work of the Holy Spirit. If you have put your faith in Jesus and his Gospel, then you have already experienced part of this work. We cannot believe in Jesus without this inner work of the Holy Spirit. 

God continues to work on us every day as well. He operates on our hearts daily. And the point of the operation is told to us in this verse: that we may love him with our whole hearts. 

Do you want to change your heart? Call out to God and ask him to change it. Only he can do it. 

The only other thing to do is cast all your love on God through Christ. Consider everything he has done for you on the cross. Think about the fact that he is coming back to dwell with you forever. As your love for God grows, your heart will continue to change. 

Rejoice in the Gospel, and God will rewire your heart. 

Read more here: http://bible.com/r/3K7

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