Fighting Sin With Delight

When times get really hard it becomes so much easier to sin. Psalm 37 is all about how to persevere during a really hard time. 

The Psalmist, David, writes that wicked people are doing terrible things. How should David and the people respond? David says we should respond with stillness, patience, and faith.

But how is that even possible? How can we just sit there and take it? How can we be still when everything is swirling around us? How can we be patient when everything is going wrong? How can we have faith when all hope seems to be lost? 

There is a lot of good advice in this Psalm to answer these questions. But one of the most beautiful, helpful, and famous is found in Psalm 37:4. 

“Delight yourself in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart.” 

This verse is so helpful for two main reasons. 

First, perseverance and fighting sin don’t have to be a sad affair. We are called to find delight! But where are we to find this delight in such bleak circumstances? We can’t find them in our surroundings. We can’t find them just by looking on the bright side. No. 

We find delight in the LORD. We delight ourselves in God. For us as Christians, the best way to do this is by repeating the good news of the Gospel to yourself. Jesus has saved you from sin and death. He has taken your punishment. You have been reconciled to the Father. You’ve been made a temple of the living God. Delight yourself in all God has done for you. 

The second reason this verse is so helpful is because we get something. Not only do we not have to be sad, but we also get to receive something good. We get the desires of our hearts. 

What are these desires in our hearts that we will be given in times of trouble? Well, it is the very thing we have been delighting in. We will get God!

No matter the circumstance and no matter the sin, if you delight yourself in the God of the Gospel you will get the God of the Gospel. Revel in Jesus and Jesus will reveal himself to you.

That is how you fight sin in difficult times. Engage your heart in the fight. Delight yourself in God.

‭Psalms 37:4 NKJV‬ 

Delight yourself also in the Lord, And He shall give you the desires of your heart.

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