Rivendell Christian Fellowship is a group of ordinary people following Jesus Christ.

We are not into Religion or Sunday only Christianity.
No Superficial relationships with God or people.

We are interested in real intimate, caring and growing relationships 
with Jesus, each other and the people we meet.
We want to experience the power of the Holy Spirit in our everyday lives.
We are people who meet together in each other's homes, coffee shops and in various 
church buildings. Some of us attend other fellowships, some do not.
Our fellowship's only denominational ties are with Jesus and each other.

Our Values

Love, Health, Hope, Missional Life, Sharing, Intimacy........

Our Mission

We wish to continue to grow into a close-nit and intimate fellowship of people who follow Jesus.

We wish to grow in grace and Kingdom knowledge; being the people of the Creator.

We want to share God's love for people and our love for each other with the community around us.

We wish to foster an atmosphere that encourages folks to multiply and grow into fresh new groups that wish to foster loving,  inclusive God-loving, other oriented communities.

What's in a Name?

Our Beliefs

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